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    Edited - 11 Feb 2021

    Added below paragraph - 

    However, for training assignments, please contact the trainers to find out what source/reference materials the trainees had (or if there were any special instructions) as we need to fully maximize the learning opportunities by not being too harsh in the beginning. 

    Similarly, for all editors, please check what reference materials they had when creating the show. Not having a script or anything and being new to the show is tricky, even for an experienced editor.

    If there were no reference materials for them to get speaker tags and they left comments in the CE, then we should be less harsh with the grading, but if there were resources attached and no comments were left, then we have to be slightly harsher so people stop making those mistakes and learn to thoroughly check the attached source materials and do the required research.
    Same for mishears - if they left a comment in the CE like "not too sure about this event," then that's great and the QCer/feedback giver could be more lenient/considerate.
    So, we should definitely be applying some leeway for editors. They need constructive feedback and help on how to improve. Repeatedly receiving a bronze is not going to suddenly motivate them to be better. People retain information better from positive reinforcement. We should also start leaving time codes with their errors in the feedback tracker as this will help them as well as managers as simply saying "I noticed quite a few errors in your section" doesn't really help anyone.
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